I was born in Bolton, Lancashire in the mid 60s. After a very unremarkable B minus education I left school with just one simple dream. To be a world famous rock star. After a very eventful number of years failing to live up to this dream I fell in love with my new purpose. I swapped my guitar for an Olympus camera and a new life opened up before me. My first 4 years in this new and exciting realm were all portrait studio work up and down the UK. I found at first I wasn’t very technically gifted, having no experience, but I found I could put clients at ease in a matter of minutes and have friends for life at the end of the shoot. My sense of humour became my biggest asset at the time and I later found it actually got me the job. Comfy clients equal amazingly productive sessions.

After 4 years I longed to branch out and use the skills I had gathered and do something new. I couldn’t have imagined just how different my life would change in such a short space of time. I headed out to America and for the next 19 years I worked on international cruise ships traveling the world and meeting and photographing more people than 10 life times on land could begin to achieve. (This is also where I was fortunate enough to meet my amazingly talented wife who will come into the story below and set me on another new adventure).

After a few short years I reached the heady heights of senior fleet Photo/Video manager. The only problem was this is mainly an admin job (Rock star to secretary was hard to compute) so with a massive leap of faith I traded my life of travel and adventure to come home and use all the skills and passions I had built up over the years and set up a company. Something that comes of years of experience and that I want to share with you.


I was born in Ukraine in 1989. When I was 9 years old I went to Italy for 4 months. That was a character forming experience and I was hooked on travelling. In the coming years I have hiked all over Ukraine and Poland. Taking pictures along the way helped me notice and appreciate rich nature and deep culture, not just seeing but observing the uniqueness and documenting it.

Nothing opens up the world for you more than learning a foreign language and nothing makes you learn better than teaching what you want to learn. I understood that while in Pedagogical Uni studying to become a teacher of English and German Languages and Literature.

After the graduation I signed up for the most profitable way of travelling the world, working on cruise ships. It was a mixture of being in the Marines and chilling at summer camp! I was lucky enough to meet Mick, my real love, mid way through my 2ndof 7 contracts. I got the best Australian desert marriage proposal and Caribbean beach wedding one can ever dream about!

For the majority of my years at sea I was in charge of the conceptual black and white photo studio. Platinum Studio art is based on simplicity, revealing emotions of love and enjoying the experience of having your pictures taken, even for the men :o)

I am very glad to b settled in UK now and am looking forward to sharing our experience with you and your loved ones. x